Monday, March 5, 2018

Impact Wargames Show Eindhoven

We always try to have a demo at the Impact Wargames Show as it is a nice, not too big but very friendly show in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
That Eindhoven is only a half hour drive is nice and a change to other distances we normally have to travel to get to a show.

Impact is organised by the Hired Guns club of Uden and they each year do a great job. So a big thanks to all the members of this club for their fine work.
And we see each other hopefully next year.

Starting with various photo's of the show and we will end with our 28mm French Revolution demo.

Carthagians against Romans

1898 game by the Achterhoede; very nice game

28mm 1940 game situated in Rotterdam

These bridges are terrific

Selling painted armies, great stuff

Black Powder game in the north of Africa

 And a few pictures of our demo; coalition troops trying to get the wagon train safely into the fortress. Unfortunately for the attacking French revolutionary troops, they managed to do that. The revolutionary zeal was no match against the good dice throwing of the allied troops.                           
In the distance the convoi is visible; the chasing French on the bridge

a nw building by our master builder Peter; a flemish farm

and the convoi reaches their safe destination

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Impact Show, Eindhoven

Just a simple anouncement that we will be at the Impact show in Einhoven. It will take place next Sunday, March 4th and wee will be there with our 1793 demo.

For more information about the show, organised by the Hired guns club, look at

It is a very friendly show, so when you have any spare time, we would love to see you here.  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Warcon 2018

Last year, Warcon sadly was cancelled so we were glad that this year the show again was on our agenda as it always was a great, friendly show.
And it must be said, this year was no exception.We really like the friendly atmosphere and must thank the organisers for all the efforts they put into the show.
The route to the show offered no problems although the Belgian community had throw up some road blocks but with the signs, placed by the organisors, it was no problems.

We still think, that more effort could be put into promoting the show on an earlier moment and wider public but that's all. Good parking, enough space, friendly atmosphere and good catering. What do wargamers want more??

Some pictures of the show are underneath and we end with some more pictures of our own 1793 game.
hundred years war

Murphys heroes participation game

Carlist wargame with great buildings

Africa game. We saw this at crisis and it is still great looking

great looking figures 

Of course there were some ww2 games, here a ww2 parking space. 

Alesia game

And of course some pictures of our 1793 game.
We did use "Over the hills" rules for the first time, made some mistakes but think this will be our

Napoleonic rules for the next years. Some learning and adding to do but we like them.